ThermaVein / Testimonials

Professor Nadey Hakim, MD, PhD, FRCS

I have used the ThermaVein for many years. It is the safest and fastest technique to make spider veins disappear. I have offered this procedure to several hundred patients with a very high satisfaction rate. The big advantage to patients is that it is risk-free and is almost painless. No need for stockings, no need for any other additional treatment.

Orchid Aesthetics Sunderland

“Rarely in practice does a piece of equipment do ‘what it says on the tin’, ThermaVein® does exactly that and more. I have never seen so many clients so happy to look in the mirror post ThermaVein® treatment and see the veins that have been such a problem to them have disappeared. I don’t need to sell ThermaVein® it sells itself.”

Sharon Sherriff, Bsc (Hons), RGN, Independent prescriber, Aesthetic practitioner 

Renew Medical Aesthetics

I’ve been using Thermavein and we absolutely love the results and the response from our patients. It offers consistent results. We can treat skin tags, irritating red facial veins on the face and cherry angiomas. I love it and wouldn’t be without it!

Kelly Saynor RGN

Chaelis Clinic

ThermaVein is great and brilliant.  Minimal pain and excellent results.

Lesley Spencer

Beausynergy Advanced Skincare Clinic

We are enjoying working with ThermaVein and getting very good results with minimal downtime. A great machine!

Jacqui Bannister

We have found the Thermavein treatment to be better than any other similar treatment we have used before. Excellent results in just one or two patient visits (depending on the severity or amount of thread veins treated). We are very happy with the machine and all round customer service.

Richard Bannister

A B Facial Aesthetics, delivering results with Thermavein®.

Here at a b facial aesthetics we endeavour to use only the best available and proven methods for our treatments.

As we all know there’s many claims by many companies but none deliver like ThermaVein®. Each treatment that I carry out still gives me such pleasure as I see the veins literally disappear in front of my very eyes! Needless to say my clients are also over the moon and cannot believe that in many cases they only need that one treatment.

What a truly remarkable machine and an excellent professional company that are an absolute pleasure to work with. Our business has increased as now we can offer a proven treatment for those unsightly blemishes that our clients can have treated with a professional and reliable procedure.

Austin Brewer

Aesthetic Center MM

ThermaVein is a very user friendly device, easy to set up and no engineering skills needed. Easy to carry. Immediate results. No side effects. Great return on investment. ThermaVein have a great customer service, always there when you need them.

Aesthetic Center MM

The Hughes Center for Aesthetic Medicine

Are you embarrassed by the veins on your legs? ThermaVein is the answer for you.


Alisha Louise Aesthetics

“This treatment is honestly life changing for some people!!

People tell me they hate going out without make up on just because of a few veins around their nose. Now, to the naked eye it’s nothing and we barely notice them but if you suffer with Thread veins, it’s the first thing you see when you look in the mirror.

Usually it only takes one session of the ThermaVein and these veins will be gone for good! Takes less then 15 minutes and voila! Gone! Slightly uncomfortable but not unbearable and the results are just incredible

Alisha Owen

Cosmedica Beauty Limited

Cosmedica Beauty is proud to be associated with ThermaVein. We had a very useful hands-on demo in our own clinic and were impressed. With excellent technical and promotional support we decided the ThermaVein would be a great asset to our clinic.  On site training was excellent with highly skilled and experienced practitioner and subsequent after sales support.  ThermaVein has allowed us to broaden our clinic portfolio and has had a great deal of interest and generated many new clients.  We have not looked back and have now added microsclerotherapy alongside ThermaVein for even greater client treatment options.  Since adding ThermaVein we have not looked back and certainly it has been one of the best and most cost effective purchases we have made.

We highly recommend ThermaVein and the support team who offer friendly knowledgeable and helpful after sales support with any clinical or technical issues to inspire confident and safe operational use.

Vicky Cooney RGN BSc (Hons)

Renaissance health and beauty therapy

ThermaVein has been a great addition for my business. I had been very frustrated by the results on thread veins with IPL. ThermaVein gives instant results and clients have been thrilled. Finally a machine that lives up to its claims.

Fiona Hood

Skin saviours

ThermaVein has been a great addition to my business in terms of revenue created and additional services I am able to offer. I’ve had great results from the machine and my clients have been really happy with the end result. I found the ThermaVein team both friendly, helpful and the training was excellent.

Ann Howarth  Skin Saviours at The Beauty Rooms

VB facial aesthetics

Thermavein Customer Service is excellent, so friendly, personal service, always someone available to speak to, great in answering queries nothing too much trouble.

I love the ThermaVein device, it does what it says on the tin! Easy to use.

Vicki Broughton

My Thermavein® experience

I was introduced to ThermaVein® by a friend.

I had a mark on my cheek since childhood and despite having tried a couple of other treatments, nothing had worked.

Laser treatment seemed to make my mark visibly darker to a point where people started to comment on it. This was distressing to say the least!

During the initial ThermaVein® consultation the practitioner told me that there was no guarantee ThermaVein® would work or that it would make a difference, but since it looked like it was made up of hundreds of tiny veins, it was definitely worth trying since the point of ThermaVein® was to permanently close blood vessels. I guessed if it wasn’t going to do any harm, it could be no worse if the treatment didn’t work.

It was remarkable after one session of ThermaVein® the mark had reduced in size and had become considerably lighter.

I was told I had to wait 4-6 weeks before my next treatment so I was looking forward to how much better it would look after the second treatment.

After two treatments, people were regularly commenting on how much better it looked.

Now, after my third treatment, the mark has reduced by 70% – the red blotchiness is gone and my skin is looking visibly better. ThermaVein® has proven to be the best of the treatments for this. I look and feel much better and would recommend this treatment to anyone with this type of issue unreservedly.

Nick in London

Pam Naylor Clinic

A big thank you to you and John for getting me sorted out with my ThermaVein machine and training. My training day with John was superb, he has a real skill at teaching in language I can really understand without making me look or feel stupid, I was super grateful for this especially in front of my patients. John worked really hard and our day was exhausting but he really supported and encouraged me whilst giving me lots of guidance and allowing me to find my own way of operating. The training felt especially tailored to me. I am really, really pleased.

Pam Naylor